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Join us in creating a tapestry of Lithuania's modern history!




Tips for recording your own interview:


||   Interviews should be prepared in under 10-minute segments.


||   Students should not appear on camera for internet safety.


||   Fasten the camera on a tripod or sturdy surface, so that the video is not shaky.


||   The camera should be a couple feet away from the interviewee. 


||   Zoom in on the picture for a portrait-like view of the interviewee. (Chest up, rather than subject's entire body.)


||   Make sure the audio is all the way up. 


||   Try to sit or stand behind the camera, so that the interviewee looks towards the camera when filming.


||   Prepare some questions to ask your interviewee beforehand. 


||   Remind your interviewee that this is a recording of their story - there are no wrong answers. 


||   Email us if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything before conducting your interview!


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