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Current available interviews feature Former President Valdas Adamkus, His Excellency Archbishop Gintaras Grusas, and television broadcaster Egle Bucelyte, among others.


Film clips include the role of the media, politics, religion, sports and culture in the drive to independence. We travelled across Lithuania to create documentary movie clips with archival footage in partnership with the national TV and radio studio (LRT).

We invite you to join our team! As more people get involved, we will be able to preserve Lithuania's history and culture for coming generations, no matter location. We are developing chapters in Latvia and Estonia as the project grows. 

FOUNDED AND LED BY                                                                    Aiste Zalepuga and Indre Zalepuga



Baltic Bridge
Baltic Bridge
Baltic Bridge
Baltic Bridge
Baltic Bridge

We’re committed to telling Lithuania’s story. Lithuania has a vibrant diaspora community, but each generation is increasingly removed from the history and culture of the Lithuanian homeland. We've never lived in a Lithuania which wasn't "free" or felt the tensions of the Cold War.


If individuals are to understand what happened just a few decades ago, then those stories must be captured now. Baltic Bridge intends to create a connection between a national heritage and future generations – to understand what being Lithuanian means.

We follow up with the people who were a part of this incredible moment in Lithuanian history and record their stories, while they're still alive, in their own words, so that their message to future generations will never be lost.


Documentary film clips




First-person video interviews

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